Alive and vibrant

Alive and vibrant

“Our strength lies in the size of our team, their multi-nationality as well as their youthfulness,” says Florian Pauly, Junior President of Pauly – The Art of Carving. This family business will enrich the Intergem this year. Large chunks of malachite, rock crystal, turquoise and lapis lazuli are lying on the edge of the fountain next to white chalcedony and a relief carving made of jade. These stones, previously used as “props” for the team photo, are often part of the sculpturing process in the Pauly business. You have to add: they have a large portfolio. It includes delicate jewelry as well as the three-meter sculpture, thus representing a variety of precious stones.

“For me, one of the most beautiful things is to internalize an image, to develop a corresponding vision, and to bring this vision to life using the right materials,” Senior President Hans-Ulrich Pauly explains. In his family, working with precious stones has a long history. At the same time, his bronze statues show that he also has in-depth experience working with other materials that can be found in the region and beyond. “Unfortunately, the widespread image of a gemstone carver is that of an older gentleman working alone in a dark chamber whose workflows are planned in a meticulous way that resembles the military,” his son Florian adds. “We breathe life into this profession joining together influences from ten countries and using traditional craftsmanship as well as hightech. Looking at the uniqueness of our pieces you quickly recognize that we have several top designers with university degrees in our team.”

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